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Martial Law, Antichrist, Police State

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The significance of identifying the end point of the U.S. economy, as designated by a major economic indicator such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average, is vastly more far reaching than merely announcing the end of American prosperity. The implications and consequences to follow are of world historical and Biblical proportions, since this forecast not only precedes the termination of U.S. sovereignty as an independent nation-state, but of much greater significance, portends the completion of the seventh millennial epoch of the existence of humankind on planet Earth. It sets in motion the prophetic time clock that counts down the remaining moments until the return of Jesus Christ, and His final Judgment of the inhabitants of the world. It speaks to the key events immediately prior to that 7000 year prophesy, including the appearance and reign of the Antichrist (world President/Dictator), his oppressive global government (New World Order), and the computerized mass enslavement of a microchipped world population (Mark of the Beast technology). It presages the final Armageddon script of war between two worlds: the kingdom of Satan's wicked earthly human government defeated by the righteous government of God's heavenly host (Revelation 19:11-21).

The incident which occurred in New York City on September 11, 2001 was a planned act of war against the American people. It was contrived in order to create anti-Constitutional laws to forfeit citizen's Constitutional rights, increase domestic security, and facilitate loss of U.S. sovereignty in preparation for instituting a global Police State government. The staged event was planned by a supra-national small group of Luciferian dynasties, mediated by the CIA, and allowed to occur by the U.S. government puppet regime. It was intended to terrorize the American people into sacrificing their Constitutional rights in exchange for "peace and safety" from the ubiquitous "terrorists". (The only terrorist is the government - at all levels: Supra-national, Federal, State, Local.) The criminal elite also hoped to declare a national State of Emergency (Martial Law: impose military rule over the civilian population), but "only" managed to murder 3000 innocent people. The terrorism was planned 15 years in advance and was scheduled on that occultically significant 9/11 date because the Luciferian globalists believed they would derive satanic power to covertly deceive U.S. citizens into an unquestioned acceptance of the bold lie that "the Arab terrorists did it". The real reason for blaming the "Arabs" was to gain public support for U.S. military presence in the Middle East in order to control Iraqi oil reserves and Afghanistan poppy opium production.

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Mass human enslavement by a newly installed global government is about to be activated upon crashing of the U.S. stock market. Militarization of local police departments (officially made effective August 2009), FEMA death camp "Re-education Centers" (already constructed throughout America), dictatorial post 9/11 legislation (Patriot Acts 1, 2, 3; Homeland Security, Citizen Terrorist Act, etc.) are in place and ready to be implemented against the general population.

What nearly everyone fails to realize is this is not some distant prophesy in the unforeseeable future, but is a current event, a very real historical fact that is about to transpire. The author is one of the few people in the world who understands its imminence relative to the present, and is perhaps the only person who has objectively quantified that occurrence to within a specific interval of time.

This book is an accurate chronicle of the unfolding future timeline of history, tracing the advance and sudden fall of today's America and the rest of the modern world. The author's in-depth understanding of the subtle nuances implicit in that cosmic denouement casts new and revealing light upon a subject that is seldom understood.

Soul Esprit, Servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, is the author of nine books and is the only person on record to document by publication - prior to the event - every major advance and decline in the DJIA economic barometer since 2003. One of the nation's top market analysts on predicting the rise and fall of financial markets over the last decade, and utilizing geometric and mathematical relationships to precisely forecast the coming U.S. and global monetary crash, his technical studies actually precede political events, proving that the politico-economic future can be known in advance.

When will the Illuminati crash the stock market?

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